Bath & Body Works $3.95 Body Lotion SALE Tomorrow + Comparison To Body Cream -What's The Difference? (2023)


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Bonnie happy Friday night, oh my gosh.

You guys, notice anything different.

Oh, my goodness.

You guys, I just got a new 24 inch, Mac, I've been using Mac computers for years and years and years, um, I always find it easier to film using, um, my computer with iMovie.

And this new 24 inch Mac is a game changer.

The lighting is like self-adjusting and I'm, no longer getting that like really weird glare that I usually get check it out.

I can wear jewelry I can show off my Etsy jewelry.

You can actually see it my nail polish and most importantly, I can share Bath and Body Works products.

Oops I got these backwards.

Oh my gosh, look at this and there's like no glare.

You can actually see the product I'm so excited by the way I'm, trying really hard I've got so much jewelry.

And so many purse, charms, uh to put up in the Etsy Store Cocoa sneezing by the way check it out I don't.

Think you guys could see these cute little gingerbread men before on camera, I've got gingerbread men, purse, charms with gingerbread men, the link to my Etsy star is below.

So oh my gosh.

We gotta talk about I'm so excited to talk about this.

We gotta talk about the body lotion sale for tomorrow.

So Bath and Body Works has not sent the official email yet.

It is.

Uh, tell me 502.

They probably won't send the email until later, but they were teasing it out on social media.

This is a really big style.

This is one of the trying to believe in sales all of the body lotion, only body lotion, though not the cream.

Not the shower gel, not the Mist, the body lotions that look like this are going to be 3.95 tomorrow in store and online I, don't know if there's going to be a code yet that's.

The only thing I, don't know, I will be on tomorrow to let.

You know, um the details, um of what's, Happening, uh, with the code or not I'm, hoping they don't have a code.

Because then if you have a 20 off coupon it's going to go even lower, this also includes the men's collection and aromatherapy, uh, this glass kind of like Apothecary jars that I love so much with the pump, um so it's all the body lotion.

So a lot of people ask me and I'm so excited to do this video.

What is the difference between the body lotion and the cream cream? Body lotion, I'm actually going to do an Apples to Apples comparison, uh, with winter candy apple so I have both the winter Candy, Apples, um cream and body lotion by the way it also includes the faceted collection tomorrow.

And these are pricey 15.50 for body lotion and faceted.

These are going to be 3.95 tomorrow.

So good time to stock up on all the facets I'm, getting all the faceted.

You guys all of them, I, can't, wait.

So the body cream has changed formulas over the years.

I mean, it's kind of, um, it's kind of done a little bit of a weird transformation about a year and a half ago, um, they added hyaluronic acid to the formula.

And then they kept changing the formula, a little bit I feel like they finally settled on a formula that I like, um.

So the formula is vitamin E aloe shade, cocoa butter and the hyaluronic acid.

It is a fairly thick product Oh.

My gosh, look at this.

You can actually see the product on my screen.

This is a game changer.

You guys I'm so excited, I can do makeup videos.

Now, um, you can see here, it's, pretty thick and um, it has good coverage.

It is also fairly strong, especially incense liquid or candy apple.

It stays.

So if you put this on like after a shower, um you're going to get a lot of moisturizing coverage, I feel like the hyaluronic acid does.

Uh, even give it a little bit more, uh, moisturizing, uh, formula.

A lot of people are not happy with the new formula, though I'm seeing mixed reviews, um like I said, I, actually like this one I feel like maybe it doesn't last quite as long, but I had trouble with the old formula, too.

What would happen is they would separate and then you'd shake them and um, it would like it would be all goopy so body, creams don't.

Last that long for the most part, um I've gotten like two years out of them and um, you're better off buying it.

And using it because it's fresher when you just buy it and then use it within like six months to a year, I feel like I also use the body cream.

I know, this is really strange I use it to polish my furniture I've been doing it for like 15 years, I get just a standard washer egg from Target like the cheap washer eggs, I put my product on and then I wipe down all my furniture, it's, amazing I, can't use the body lotion, though this formula doesn't work with the um, the dusting of my furniture.

But my entire house smells like that the body works.

It gives the furniture a nice shine I don't like, um, like pledge.

It gives me asthma, but um, I polish all my furniture with uh, the body cream.

And it works amazingly so that's the body cream.

So then the product that's on sale tomorrow is the daily nourishing body lotion.

Now this is a thinner formula I'm going to show you the difference.

So when I put this on my hand, see how it's thinner, um, the other one I'm just going to do this again.

So you can see the difference.

Look at the difference, this actually doesn't even fall.

So it's, a lot thicker the cream you can even see on my hand there.

This is the cream it's, a lot shinier and thinner, and then the um, the lotion, I mean.

And then the cream is a lot thicker.

So let me let me just let me just work this in and then we're going to do the I'm covered in Winter candy apple so I'm like I, don't have a towel here or anything.

So I'm gonna do this again, check it out.

This is the lotion again.

You can see much thinner formula.

So the formula for this is vitamin E, shea butter and coconut oil.

So this formula is slipperier, and it goes on.


A lot lighter is the difference I think.

So for the by when I say lighter, I mean, lighter in texture, but I, also mean lighter in, um, in fragrance, because a lot of times the lotion is not going to be as strong as the cream.

However, in Winter candy apple, you don't have to worry because it's definitely it's strong, I mean, winter candy.

Apple is strong in any formula, um.

But some of the lighter formulas like I, don't, even have vanilla bean Noel.

But like the vanilla bean Noel is going to be a lot.

Um, a lot lighter on the scent by the way, a lot of times and I'm going to show you this on camera here.

This is a vanilla bean Noel in the body cream.

You see how it looks kind of yellow, I feel like it's just, uh.

The formula.

It seems like when they put vanilla.

This smells good to me by the way this year.

A lot of people said, they can't smell.

It I get it again.

I've talked about this before I think there's batch issues with uh, but it'll be Noel.

Some people are getting a little bit of stronger scent.

Some people are getting a little bit lighter I'm getting this in the lotion, though because I want to test it out for you guys, I want to see what it's like, um in the lotion.

I don't think I did the lotion I'm, 99 sure I don't have this I'm like did I.

Do the lotion I don't think I did I got so much product here.

But what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna buy every lotion for the holidays I think there's, 17 of them I'm, getting all 17 and we're gonna go over all of them.

I am so excited.

And then what I'll do probably tomorrow if I get my hands on them tomorrow or Sunday, I, don't know what day I'm gonna get in the store I'm gonna do an order online, um, I'm, gonna rank the lotions for you guys I'm gonna let, you know, which are my favorite and which ones, um, are, you know, kind of eh? I do love vanilla mocha, Martin, teeny.

This one is fabulous.

This one is really strong, I mean, this smells as strong as the cream to me.

It is wonderful again, I'm going to show you how it is it's a thinner formula.

So you can see it's a little bit thinner, um, it's, funny, though I tend to use the lotions a little bit more.

Um in the summer.

I don't have excessively dry skin.

I'm really lucky.

So I can use the lotion.

I know, a lot of people like my mom, my daughter, um, they have really dry skin.

They prefer the cream a little bit more, um, I.

Think, that's, Shea, cocoa, butter formula.

And even the hyaluronic and hyaluronic acid I do give a little bit more of that moisturizing effect.

So I hope, this helps a little bit, uh, the difference between the body cream and the body lotion, um because there's a little bit of a difference.

I also think you can use this a little bit better as a hand cream.

Um, this gets really really goopy to me as a I don't use this as a hand cream to me, it's like super goopy, I prefer using, um, the lotion if I use it on my hands.

So tomorrow get ready.

You guys, the lotions are going to be 3.95 like I said, not only the Christmas lotions, but all of the lotions, um throughout the Bath and Body Works collection.

Let me know what you're excited for I will be on tomorrow.

Um, you know, with all the details when they get released and I will probably like I said, do an online order and uh get in the store.

So I'm excited.

I am super excited to be, uh, shopping.

This sale, oh my gosh.

You guys have an awesome night.

I'll be back a little bit later, I get another video for you guys I'll, see you then bye.



Is Bath and Body Works Body Cream lotion? ›

Cream and lotion defined

For example, the Bath & Body Works Ocean Body Lotion is a lightweight body lotion while the brand's Oasis Ultra Shea Body Cream is a thicker formula that's infused with rich shea butter. Then, there are body butters.

Should I use body lotion everyday? ›

Your body needs just as much attention as your face; therefore, body lotion should be applied daily. Of course, some days are busier than others, and a 7 step skincare regiment can sometimes be a bit much. Nevertheless, using body lotion two to three times a week will already show great results.

When should you use body lotion? ›

How To Use Body Lotion After Shower. It is recommended that body lotion should be applied right after a shower, when your skin is damp. Pat your skin dry with a towel, making sure that there is a little moisture still present on your skin. Apply the lotion and massage into your body in circular motions.

Is it better to use body cream or lotion? ›

Body creams last longer on your body than lotions do. Thicker formulas like creams may cause a greasy residue, while lighter lotions don't leave a greasy look. Body creams help provide a heavier barrier than lotions to keep skin hydrated.

Is Bath and Body Works body cream better than lotion? ›

The biggest difference is that body creams are thicker and have a higher oil content, while lotions are generally non-greasy, less viscous, and have a higher percentage of water.

What is the difference between body lotion and body cream bath and body? ›

A body cream is a thicker, richer version of a body lotion. "It's designed to hydrate and nourish the skin, Dr. Yadav says. "Common ingredients in body creams include plant-based oils and butters, especially cocoa and shea butter, as well as ingredients like ceramides to help seal in lasting moisture."

What's the difference between cream and lotion? ›

Lotions are usually formulated with more water content than creams and are considered lightweight and easily absorbed by your skin. Creams are generally thicker in consistency than lotions and make an ideal choice for people with dry skin on their face or body, or for use during the drier winter months.

Do you use body cream before or after shower? ›

The basics of body lotion

For your best skin, you should apply your product right after you shower. The reason is that your skin should be warm and not completely dry (blot with a towel after the shower but leave your skin damp). This helps your skin get ready for maximum absorption.

Should you lotion after shower? ›

Apply Lotion After a Shower

After a shower, Dr. Kaminer says water evaporates off your skin quickly, which can leave your skin feeling dry. The best way to seal in moisture is to apply lotion immediately after a shower while skin is still slightly damp.

What happens if you don't put lotion on everyday? ›

That's right: Leaving moisturizer out of your routine today could lead to deeper wrinkles later on. "When the skin barrier is compromised, which is what we see when it becomes dry, there's actually a low-grade chronic inflammation that occurs in the skin," warns dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe.

Can you put too much lotion on your body? ›

If you use too much moisturizer, over time it makes your skin lazy, which can encourage your skin to produce less moisture on its own. Over moisturizing signals to your skin that it has enough water, lipids and protein (skin's building blocks) and that it can slow down the production of these important skin nutrients.

Where should I not apply body lotion? ›

All the same, body lotion isn't meant for facial skin, so it could make some skin concerns worse. Sticking to products specifically formulated for your face will generally do more to benefit your skin in the long run.

Should I put body lotion on before bed? ›

Night is an essential time to renew your mind—and your skin. Adding a lotion before bed creates softer, more hydrated, and better-looking skin the next day. It also helps seal in moisture and repairs the skin barrier that's compromised by dry air and harsh cleansers.

Should you put lotion on in the morning or at night? ›

Generally, a body lotion or cream should be applied after bathing or showering, whether in the morning or at night. However, if you have flaky, dry skin or if you have been in the sun, it is beneficial to use body cream twice daily.

Which is better body butter or body lotion? ›

Body butter is better for rougher skin that needs a more intensive moisturizer. Body butter is often more natural, whereas lotions are more refined. Body lotion is not as thick, so it spreads more easily and absorbs into the skin faster.

Which is better body butter or body cream? ›

As a result, body butter is often better for dry, cracked, or sensitive skin that needs extra emollients. The main difference between body butter and body cream is that creams include water, making them lighter and allowing them to absorb quicker than body butter. Creams are ideal for normal or oily skin types.

How often should I use Bath and Body Works lotion? ›

Whenever you're in the shower – even if that's every day or once a week!

Is it OK to use old Bath and Body Works lotion? ›

Sealed containers should remain fresh for three years after the manufacture date. Skin care products in opened containers should be effective for up to two years. After two years? It's best to toss them and re-stock!

What is the best body lotion for glowing skin? ›

Best Body Creams and Serums for Glowing Skin
  • Perricone MD High Potency Hyaluronic Intensive Body Therapy. ...
  • Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Body Cream. ...
  • Good Molecules B5 Hydrating Body Serum. ...
  • Boscia Cica Soothing Universal Cream, $22. ...
  • REN Clean Skincare Atlantic Kelp And Magnesium Anti-Fatigue Body Cream.
Apr 10, 2023

Is body lotion the same as massage lotion? ›

Lotions will give you the ability to maintain the best grip and apply the most pressure to your client and allow you to penetrate more deeply into their muscles to release tension. Massage cream, on the other hand, strikes a balance between the other two.

How long does Bath and body Works body cream last? ›

Generally, the manufacturer recommends using their Bath & Body Works lotion within 2–3 years of opening it. This timeline may vary depending on how frequently you use the product, as well as environmental factors such as heat or extreme moisture.

Why lotions are better than creams? ›

Lotions are typically lighter and less greasy than creams. With higher water content, lotions are a mix of water and oil drops. Lotion is quickly absorbed by the skin and is good for normal to lightly dry skin. Additionally, lotion is an ideal summer and warm months' skin care product.

How do you use Bath and body Works body cream? ›

We recommend using body cream right after the shower (pssst: that's when your skin needs moisture the most), but touch it up whenever you need. Then repeat daily for noticeably softer skin. Cue those heart emojis. If fragrance is your game, our super-velvety body cream comes in an option for every day (and night).

Can I use lotion and cream together? ›

The good news is that doubling up on your moisturizers is an easy and efficient way to boost your skin's hydration and create a flawless canvas for foundation application. Ahead, we're sharing the right way to layer your lotions, creams and moisturizers.

How often should you shower? ›

How often should you shower? While there is no ideal frequency, experts suggest that showering several times per week is plenty for most people (unless you are grimy, sweaty, or have other reasons to shower more often). Short showers (lasting three or four minutes) with a focus on the armpits and groin may suffice.

What happens if you don't moisturize your legs? ›

When you don't use a moisturizer on your body or face, you are likely to see more signs of premature aging. What's happening when the skin gets dry is that it's actually experiencing a low level of inflammation. This ongoing inflammation can lead to a breakdown of collagen. That's bad news for beauty.

What should I put on my face before bed at night? ›

  1. Milk. Milk is a great ingredient for your skin. ...
  2. Coconut oil. Most people use coconut oil for hair but you can also apply coconut oil on your face to get glowing skin! ...
  3. Almond oil. Almond oil is great for your skin. ...
  4. Rose Water. Rosewater is undoubtedly a magic potion for beauty. ...
  5. Honey. advertisement. ...
  6. Aloe vera gel. ...
  7. Scrub.
Oct 10, 2020

Why do people lotion after shower? ›

Quality body lotion, applied after each shower or bath, can help to seal moisture deep in the skin to keep it hydrated and supple. It may not be a bad idea to keep a bottled of your favorite scented body lotion on hand for an after-bath application. 2. Replenish extra dry or rough spots on the skin.

Should you shower everyday? ›

Many doctors say a daily shower is fine for most people. (More than that could start to cause skin problems.) But for many people, two to three times a week is enough and may be even better to maintain good health.

How should you moisturize after a shower? ›

Apply a wet skin moisturizer immediately after getting out of the shower and before towel drying. Wet skin moisturizers blend with water on your skin to instantly lock in hydration. Try a wet skin moisturizer with coconut oil to replenish moisture and prevent dryness.

Why do dermatologists say not to use moisturizer? ›

Another reason Dr Obagi is against moisturiser: He believes that if you use it daily over time, it can change your skin's natural balance of water, lipids, and proteins. The result? Your body will stop delivering the skin's normal, natural method of hydration from within.

What happens when you stop using body lotion? ›

“In one day, the dryness you can experience is very, very minimal. But your skin can start to look a little flaky in two days, and after three days without a moisturizer, touching your skin can bring about red spots and that uncomfortable feeling.”

Can over moisturizing cause wrinkles? ›

Aesthetic dermatologists have observed that habitual, daily moisturising over a prolonged period can actually age the skin. This induced ageing occurs because the same fibroblast cells which produce GAGs (the skin's moisturiser) also produce collagen and elastin, which help maintain the skin's elasticity.

What happens when you use body lotion everyday? ›

Moisturizing Reduces Skin Problems - Moisturizing everyday can reduce the chance of developing extreme dryness or oiliness. Both extremes are harmful for skin and cause common skin conditions like acne. Conceals Other Skin Blemishes - Using a daily moisturizer ensures that the skin's blemishes are camouflaged.

Can too much lotion cause dryness? ›

While it may seem ironic, using too much moisturizer can cause excessive dryness. If you have naturally dry skin, you may experience intensely dry skin when you over-moisturize because the excessive moisture can halt sebum production.

Why is my skin so dry even when I moisturize? ›

This is commonly due to the buildup of dead skin cells throughout the face or in specific patches. To give your skin the best care, exfoliate it with a scrub or chemical exfoliant that can get rid of this buildup – just make sure to moisturize after that exfoliation too!

Is Bath and body Works hand cream the same as body cream? ›

The formulations of hand cream and body cream do vary for consideration of the skin being different textures and thicknesses. Hand cream may also dry out quicker, whereas body cream is generally thicker and absorbs more slowly.

What is difference between lotion and cream? ›

Lotions are usually formulated with more water content than creams and are considered lightweight and easily absorbed by your skin. Creams are generally thicker in consistency than lotions and make an ideal choice for people with dry skin on their face or body, or for use during the drier winter months.

How long can you use a Bath and body Works body cream? ›

Generally, the manufacturer recommends using their Bath & Body Works lotion within 2–3 years of opening it. This timeline may vary depending on how frequently you use the product, as well as environmental factors such as heat or extreme moisture.

Should you use body cream during or after shower? ›

The basics of body lotion

For your best skin, you should apply your product right after you shower. The reason is that your skin should be warm and not completely dry (blot with a towel after the shower but leave your skin damp). This helps your skin get ready for maximum absorption.

Do you use lotion or body cream first? ›

For moisturizing body oils, you want to apply them after your lotion to help lock in the moisture for extra hydration and glowing skin.

How often should I use bath and body Works lotion? ›

Whenever you're in the shower – even if that's every day or once a week!

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